Photo #2 - Outside Moscow, ID.. on the way to Pullman, WA.

Photo #1 - Playing music on the Lapwai Indian Reservation.

I had the plesure of being an activities asst. in the late 80's.... Lots of fun

In the 80's everything changed. The Days of the five piece top 40 band was left behind and Disco ruled the day. But when Disco died the clubs weren't going to go back to a five piece band Thus Karaoke was the answer.

Eventually Bruce Made it to Portland and was hired to front a band called "The Dust Bowel Blues band" who played in the Red Lion & Thunderbird Hotels. Top 40 for five hours a night, five nights a week for five weeks and then on to the next. "I have to say it built my endurance that I enjoy today"..

Bruce's first  paid gig was in Lewiston, ID. It was a pizza parlor where all the Lapwai Indians hung out Lapwai means Place Of The Butterflies. "I was blessed with their Friendship."

That lead to Playing in the local colleges.

Pullman, WA., Moscow ID, and Lewiston ID.

We use to have Tee Pees on the Snake River That was before the River dykes was built. I lived in a 1940 International bus which I took to all my gigs.

My sister gave me my first guitar, Bruce says. That was 1967, the neighborhood had a couple garage bands "The Hudson Bay Company" and "The Crystal Fog" Bruce was about 15 at the time. "I was playing from beach towel to beach towel @ Huntington Beach, when a couple musicians brought me to Seattle" to play in their band

Photo #7 - Talent show Robision Jewish Home 1986

Photo #5 - Duo act 1989

Photo #4 - Saturday Market Portland, OR. 1983.

Photo #6 - Playing with Seniors 1985

Photo #9 - Take Me Out To The ball game 1989

Photo #8 - Valentines Days King & Queen 1988